21 October, 2011

Shout Out to My Man, Disco Remix

Well, actually, no.  There is no disco music involved.  I mean, you could add some.  I'm not stopping you.  But there is none inherent in this post.  Sorry.

Anyway, I just wanted to shout out to Husband.  He is awesome and I lurv him, forever and ever.

What makes him so awesome, aside from his unflinching endurance of extreme pain, is that he has nearly finished reading my manuscript for the second time.  It's much longer than it was the first time and he's writing all sorts of comments into the margins.

Some of them are normal stuff like, 'Hey, this sounds weird,' or 'you forgot to put his shoes on' or things like that.  But every now and then he writes, 'This is cool.  I like this.'  Or the next best:  "Ha!"

ETA: however, anything 'romantical' usual has a :( face somewhere close by.  Or 'ew.'  Not a fan of romance.

I really appreciate all the time he's put into me in general and this book in particular.  He isn't a big 'reader.'  He doesn't sit and devour three books in a series in one night, like I do.  And he's not a fan of fiction.  He reads 'real' books, mostly military histories and textbooks about teaching singing to elementary students.

Apparently, it's a highly debated topic.  Who knew?