03 October, 2011

Like a Bandaid

Well, that was fast.

Sent three queries out on Saturday.  Waiting for me this morning in my inbox was one 'no.'

And actually, it wasn't so bad.  More like...oh...bummer.

And it got me thinking about my first five pages/chapter.  Problem is, the first you read can't be:

Oh, Snap!!!  There are zombies attacking!

It's this thing called exposition.  You need it to set up the zombies/whatever so it makes sense.  in movies, it is usually covered by an announcer person while you watch slow motion video.  Think beginning of Lord of the Rings or something.

Another problem: the main character the books starts with is a limp noodle.  But only for the first few chapters!  See, she learns to be tough and self-sufficient.  It's part of the story, her growth and her taking control of her future.

But, when said agent says:  "Doesn't fit our list at this time"  do they mean, hey cool idea, but we're not in the market for a zombie story right now, keep up the good work?  Or do they mean:  YAWN!

Hmmmm....I think I have the first chapters memorized, I've been over them sooooo much.  But I guess I'll work them over again!  Practice makes perfect, yes?


Megan (Best of Fates) said... Reply to comment

Hey, just having sent them out is impressive. Keep going for it, you'll get a yes!