I hate to have to say any of this, but it is necessary, so bear with me.

First, everything I publish on this blog, while free to read, belongs to me.  Copyright laws are very clear and the consequences can be severe.  I have licensed this blog and all my work with Creative Commons.  The little icon down to the right lists the restrictions and allowances under my copyright.  If you want to share this work (please do!) it must be done by the guidelines outlined therein.

I also own the characters and the story lines.  Any similarities between my writing and real-life people and/or events is purely coincidental and/or unintentional.  Though, if you have lived through a space invasion, please, tell me about it.  I'd be interested to hear a firsthand account...

Second, I intentionally keep my writing at or below a PG-13 rating.  I find graphic scenes to be distasteful and rather off-putting, in movies and books alike.  However, there is and will be violence and 'adult' situations, i.e. romance stories.  I am a big fan of people getting shot; gunfights are a great way to make some action happen quick-like, if things are getting boring.

Third, I sign my work as Elisabeth Treble.  That's not my real name.  Anonymity is protected by the First Amendment.  And putting personal information, my name, picture, location, age, any of that, on the Internet is one of my deep and abiding fears.  Second only to my fear of deep-lake monsters.

And last, you may have noticed I am a bit snarky.  (From Adjective - Any language that contains quips or comments containing sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt and out of context and intended to stun and amuse. Origin: Snark="snide remark".  See "Third," above, for a good example.)

In all honesty, I have the deepest respect and gratitude for anyone who takes the time to read my work.  I am trying to better myself and my writing and getting feedback and criticism is the best way to accomplish that.  If you like my work, please tell your friends, leave comments, plurk, post, tweet, like, share, etc.  The more people who read my stories, the better they will be.  I only ask that you have respect for me and my creativity.  I want you to enjoy your time reading my work.  Hopefully as much as I enjoyed writing it!

P.S.  There will most likely be spelling and grammatical errors.  I apologize in advance; I'll try my best, but spell-check lies.  Though I promise never to write 'alot.'  Ever.