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Hello!  Here are links to my works at  You can read then for free from that site.  If you would like a file copy of anything, just send me an email at and I'll get one to you shortly.  Thanks!

Cousin of the Crown
Companion to a royal cousin, Alea must decide her loyalties when she and the prince her cousin is promised to marry fall in love.

The End of Summers - Book One
What happens when your fairy tale doesn't come true?  Rebecca Beckons, cursed to die after her eighteenth summer, finds out first hand when she lives past her own literal dead line.  Not magic herself, she seeks the help of Kevin Wallowitz to aid her on a Quest to discover why she was not struck down and how to avert a global disaster she knows is coming. A disaster that she comes to believe is somehow tied to a man who was present at the pronunciation of her fate.

Sky's End