20 October, 2011

Agent Update

No, no, no, I have not been picked up by an agent who sold my book for a million dollar advance.  Bummer, yeah?

But, I thought I would share my own self-criticism with the world and keep a running tally of the number of agents who I've submitted to and the number that have sent back a 'No, thanks' message.  Some really famous authors had dozens of rejections before they made it big.  So cross your fingers.

I googled for a widget to do it for me, but no luck.  If anyone html-savvy would like to make one, I'm all ears.

Agents Submitted To: 8
No: 5
Yes: 0


Anastasia said... Reply to comment

I like that you are looking at it with a sense of humor. Remember it just takes one YES!

Elisabeth Treble said... Reply to comment

I figure this is better than weeping disconsolantly into my pillow. :D @Anastasia