11 October, 2011

Plotting for Werewolves

So, my other idea is to do a novel based on werewolves.  Why am I so paranormal right now?  I thought I was in a historical fiction kick, but apparently not.  Next year, I guess.  For some reason I really want to do a plot around Napoleon.  But that will take some research.

But I digress.  For werewolves, these were my ideas:

  1. There are several kinds of werewolves in science and mythology. One: psychosis, believing one is a wolf.  Two:  A genetic mutation that makes you all hairy.  Three:  a 'disease' that you can get from being bitten by a werewolf.  Four:  a kitsune type, or a spirit of some sort embodied by a wolf or a fox.  Usually a female.  You can be born as one from kitsune parents.
  2. My idea would combine some of these.  A person would be able to 'be infected' and become a werewolf.  It is a extremely rare affliction that is hushed up because there are kitsune type werewolves running around.  They have their own society, they interact with humans, but disdain them.
  3. The Main Character Female's father is infected somehow.  He is taken and put in a mental hospital.  Not every person infected comes out the same.  Some are the werewolves of popular myth, ie. aggressive, mindless, bloodthirsty.  Some function very well as humans.
  4. You can be cured of being a werewolf.  The treatment doesn't work for everyone.  MC Male is a 'cured' werewolf.  Why though?  What motive did he have for being cured?  Anyway, his 'pack' the alphas think he betrayed them, turned his back on them.  Did they bite him on purpose?  How and why was MCF's father infected?  Hmmm...That stupid motive thing again...
  5. MCF is trying to find out what happened to her father.  Breaks into mental hospital, that sort of thing.  MCM finds out about some plot going on and teams up with her to stop...whatever it is.  I haven't got that far yet.
  6. Oh, and the time would be 1850-1890's or so.  London?  Maybe New England...I love this time in literature and music.  Everything was all about paranormal stuff and sleepwalking and ghosts.  Very fun.