24 October, 2011

In Which Husband Falls In Love With A Zombie Slayer

So, I had plans to post this weekend, but craziness ensued.

Saturday I had a dress rehearsal/Concert combination that took up most of the day.  Then yesterday, after sleeping in a little as I didn't get home until almost midnight, I got up late and went to church.

And then bought a zombie slaying machine.

Enter our new-to-us Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Husband has been pining over them for some time, now.  He wanted one, real bad. As in: come watch this video of the FJ on YouTube, isn't it so cool, can we please please please get one one day, they have just the one I want down at the dealership, please? Yesterday I was finally like:  just go and test drive it for goodness sake!

So he did.  His parents were in town and came over to check it out.  (His dad is a mechanic, so his opinion is sought on every purchase in the family involving an engine.)  I went down after church to check it out, too.

Now, we've been saving up to buy a car for a long time, with mixed success.  (Life happens, you know?)  Our second vehicle, which Husband uses to get to work, will turn ## with me this year and some mornings chooses not to start.  He had been riding his motorcycle, but the weather is cold again and that is no longer an option.  He likes all his fingers and toes where they are.

So, standing about looking at the hulking FJ, I said: Let's just get it.  We have the down payment, we both have ridiculous good credit because I am uber anal retentive about paying my bills on time, early if possible.  Why not?  It's gently used and exactly the model and package you want.

I think if the sales lady hadn't been standing there, Husband would have jumped up and down and squealed.  As it was, he said, very seriously and with admirable self-denial:  Only if you think we can afford it, honey.

A half hour later, we wrote a check, signed the contract and drove away in our new-to-us car.  Well, he drove away.  I drove our other 'practical' car back to the apartment.  In no way am I the least deluded about the practicality of the FJ.  Yes, it will be good snow car.  Yes, it is easy to maintain.  Yes, it will fit our kids and all their stuff to and from soccer practice ten years from now.

It also hulks like a snarling beast in our parking spot and eats Priuses for breakfast.  Husband is in love.

I then reminded him the the Male Main Character in my novel has an FJ.  An extremely modified one, black and with a manual transmission like ours that he uses to run over zombies.

Husband said:  I know.  Let's name it Zombie Smasher.