07 October, 2011

Plotting for Ghost

I don't know why I am doing this.  I know I write better in a linear, stream-of-consciousness sort of way.  If I plot too much ahead of time, I plot myself into a box and I can't can't can't write anything.  I need to have a general idea of what's going to happen.  But mostly I'm like: ooh, wouldn't it be cool if...

So, at the risk of totally derailing myself, I am going to list the ideas I've had for the plot of my Ghost Story.  Then I'll tackle the Werewolf one and we'll see which I like better.

For whatever reason, I'm really seeing Ghost more like a movie.  At least at the beginning.

Scene 1:  Have Ghost looking down from a pass or gap.  He sees the posse chasing him.  Use this to describe the place and the time. Sets up where he's going to make his stand.

Scene 2:  Posse's POV, wondering if Ghost is dead.  Someone breaks cover and gets winged.  Show dissent in group and the belligerence of the posse leader about Ghost's guilt.

Scene 3:  Posse just hanged Ghost.  Posse leader orders doctor to check if he's dead.  More mutters about his family/cousins retaliating when they hear the news, coming to town to cause trouble, etc.  Want to cut him down, but Posse leader orders them to leave Ghost.

Scene 4:  Modern time:  Have Main Character and others telling ghost story about Ghost's murder and how he haunts the pass/gap.  Something like 'on stormy nights you can hear his horse galloping from the posse that wrongfully killed him' or something.  Tell how the families took sides and the town split.  Finally some Law from elsewhere had to step in and stop the violence.

Scene 5:  Needs to set up the Female MC.  What's her job, her reason for being in town?  Does she work there?  Is she on vacation?  Does she believe in ghosts or not?

Scene 6:  Big storm and tada!  Ghost appears.  Heads to FMC's house.  She doesn't want to help him, understandably creeped out.

That's about as far as I've gotten.  I don't want to try too hard.  Somethings need to be spur of the moment.  This at least sets everything up and starts the plot rolling.  We'll see what else comes to me.