20 April, 2011

Writer's Block gets its butt kicked.


I repeat: hah!

I've been wallowing around with my the novel I am working on.  I couldn't get the plot adjusted just right.  The characters were not fleshing out like I wanted and they kept doing stupid things that didn't make any sense.  Then they wouldn't listen when I tried to make them follow the outline I wanted, instead developing pointless side characters who had no real purpose.

But today!  Today I sat down and glared at my protagonists through the computer screen.  They whimpered in terror and promised to obey from now on.  I even thought up some titles, a task I hate.  They're even good.  So, hah! Take that!

In other words, no big post today.  I was busy creating breath-taking panoramas, intense, sophisticated action and witty dialogue.  There might even have been an explosion or two.  It was very exciting.

E. T.