19 April, 2011

Word of the Week

Today I used a word that I rather like, but it doesn't seem to work in many situations.


From wiktionary.org: Lacking energy, spirit, liveliness or vitality; languid, lackadasical.

It's one of those words that I like the sound of, too.  Languoooorous.  It sounds just like it means, doesn't it?  Like someone is just lying around doing nothing.

I think it's the 'L.'  So many words that start with 'L' are related to languorous.  Lazy, lay, lullaby, languid, luxury, loll, lounge.  In my part of the world, at least, an 'L' at the beginning of a word is a long, guttural sound.

The excellent definition at wikitionary aside, languorous, to me, carries with it a connotation of arrogance.  When someone 'lounges languorously,'  my mental image always gives them a  cocky smirk, like they're being lazy just to spite what ever other character is in the scene.

Indolent, that's how I would describe languorous.  Indolent, conceited, smug.  Can you use adjectives to describe an adjective?  That's like saying azure is just like cobalt.