22 April, 2011


So, today I sat down with one of my beta readers and really hashed through my first novel, cutting out big chunks, making decisions about plot and timing.

It was really hard, but I was strangely relieved when we got done this afternoon.  Even though some of my favorite bits were chopped up and some flaws brought out into the light, I think the finished project is going to really be pretty awesome.  If I say so myself...

The other day I was preparing for this session of sending my manuscript through the shredder, so I read my novel again.  I think I've read it fifty times since I finished it a couple months ago.  Someone commented on it the other day, that I seemed to read it every couple days.

I like reading my own work.  Mostly because it's mine and I'm proud of it.  And also, by reading it, I learn the bits that aren't so great and can tumble the dialogue around my head, weigh adjectives and contemplate timing.

So my advice, if any of you are writing anything, read it.  A lot.  Know the plot details and the reasons for everything.  It's a little daunting, but it also really helps.

E. T.