28 March, 2012

500 WC Chapter Nineteen

500 WC Chapter Nineteen
Word Count: 575
Word Total so far: 10,000

Colton met Dmitri Trebell at the door, shaking his hand.
“Savage,” the man said, thumping him on the back. “I’ve trying to get a hold of you for days! Where’ve you been?”

“Busy,” Colton said, laughing. “Why’re you in Madrid?”

Trebell made a face. “Business. What else?”

“Like always.”

“I still say we should take a few weeks off, go skiing, hunting maybe. I have a great cabin stateside that I never use.” Trebell grinned. “Say the word and-” He broke off, his mouth open. He whistled softly.

Colton didn’t want to look. He did anyway.

“Who is this?” Trebell asked, smiling toothily.

“My wife, Renee.” Colton answered, grumpy for no apparent reason.

Renee looked up and saw them, rising from where she sat with Selene on the couch.

Trebell whirled to gape at him. “”Wife?’” he demanded.

It was Colton’s turn to grin. “Married just the other day.”

“Well,” Trebell said, gathering his wits as Renee crossed to them. He took her hand and kissed it gallantly. And bravely, considering Colton was glowering at him. “A pleasure, Mrs. Savage.”

Renee laughed, a pretty blush staining her cheek. She was wearing the same dress as last night. Colton decided he liked it. A lot. Too much.

“And you are?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at the man.

“Dmitri Trebell, friend and sometimes business partner to your estimable husband.”

“I am glad to meet you.” She said. Her eyes flicked to Colton’s. “Please, won’t you come sit down?”

Colton scowled as Trebell turned to give him a gleeful look. “I can see why you’ve been…busy.” He muttered.

Colton ground his teeth.

Trebell’s conversation gave no indication he was interested in any business. Except Renee. She talked easily with him, flirting like a champion. Selene was grinning behind her cocktail glass. Colton sat and glared at the three of them. At least Ivan was intent on his phone again, not paying any attention.

“Unbelievable!” Trebell said, leaning back after Renee had told her story, how she’d stopped the bomber. “Amazing, my dear.”

“Like I told Colton,” she said simply. “I had to.”

“Still,” Trebell said, shaking his head. “But I heard on the news…” he hesitated. “You can’t be the American they suspect of involvement!”

Renee rolled her eyes, disgusted. “I am.”

“How can they think that?”

Renee shrugged. “Too much good luck, I guess. And they haven’t formally charged me, just…insinuated.”

Trebell snorted his opinion of that. “I’ve seen the footage. There was no way you could have known about it before hand.”

Renee made an airy gesture, dismissing the government’s stubbornness. “I have to stay here, but why wouldn’t I want to?” She smiled at Colton as she said it.

Trebell’s voice sounded far away. “When you are released from your prison, you must let me show you around Madrid. Its a beautiful city.”

Renee pouted. “I know! I had two more weeks here when that moron blew himself up. Now I can’t go and do anything.” She made face and Trebell laughed.

“I’ll be the first to take you about.” He promised, taking her hand again.

Colton stood suddenly. “We should talk in my office,” he said, his voice sounding hard even to his own ears. “Come on, Trebell.”

He stood, winking at Renee. “See you at dinner, my dear.”

“A pleasure, Mr. Trebell.”

“Please, call me, Dmitri.”

“Dmitri,” she cooed. Colton flushed and grabbed Trebell’s elbow, dragging him from the room.