14 March, 2012

500 WC Chapter Fifteen

500 Word Count Challenge Chapter Fifteen
Word Count: 513

“Are you really from Texas?”

Renee looked up from her book, her eyes two bright orbs of blue over her bare feet. She smirked, wiggling down, her paperback propped on her chest as she reclined on her bed. “No. I’m from Idaho.”


“Its by Washington State-”

“No, where in Idaho?” Colton scowled. He’d been to America a few times.

“Just outside of Boise.” She explained, her eyes back the page. “But Texas is a better symbol of my American scorn, don’t you think? My ‘Idahoan foot’ just doesn't’ have the same effect.”

Colton stared as she hummed to herself, turning a page. He cleared his throat. “You have to move your things.”

“Mancini said he’d take care of it. I love having a butler. When I go home, could I keep him?” she asked, sitting up suddenly, her face mischievous. “Call it part of our divorce settlement. You keep the Spanish house, I get the Spanish butler. A fair trade I think.”


“And Rosa, too. You don’t enjoy her efforts anyway.” She finished with a rude snort and flopped back down. “What do you want?” She asked when he didn’t leave.


“For what?” She asked, obviously not paying attention to him.

“For pretending for Selene.”

“I had to,” Renee said simply. “Otherwise the police-”

“No.” Colton shook his head. “No, its more than that. I’m the only child on my mother’s side of the family.”

Renee dropped her book to eye him.

He went on. “None of her sisters could have kids. My mother had to get fertility treatment. Having me married…”

Renee groaned, hiding her face in her book. “You mean, I’m their fondest hopes and wishes come true. I managed to tie down their bachelor nephew and now they’re waiting with baited breath for me to start squirting out your babies?”

Colton winced. She had a way of summing up his life that was uncomfortably accurate. “Basically.”

“What have I done?” she bemoaned the universe and fate. “And we have to do this for two years?”

“Maybe longer.” He said, very discomforted.

She sat up again, glaring at him “For the record, I am not having your kids.”

He gaped. “Wha-?”

“And we’re not having sex!” She added severely. “This is a strictly platonic arrangement we have here. Got it?”


“And no fooling around! We’re married or we’re not.”


“Why did you kiss me?”

Colton couldn’t keep up with her lightening changes of topic. “What? When?”

“The day after. You kissed me.”

“I did?” He thought back, his memories fuzzy and incoherent.

“Must not have been very good if you can’t even remember.” She grumped to herself. “I’ll have to do better next time.”

“But-” Her evil smirk clamped his teeth shut. He took a deep breath and let it out just as slowly. “You should move into my bedroom.”


“Now.” He snapped, pointing down the hall.

Her eyes were twinkling dangerously. “Much better, Mr. Savage,” she praised. “I almost want to obey.”

He marched away. He was beginning to dislike his wife very much.