05 March, 2012

500 WC Chapter Eleven

Here's the next bit in my attempt at a fluffy beachy type read.  These quick scenes are a good exercise.  I can't stress of the details at all and just have to get the words out.  Even if it is extremely silly.  Enjoy!

500 Word Challenge Chapter Eleven
Word Count: 570

The silence stretched on forever.


Colton winced. “I got married.”

“To who?”

“A woman.”

“I guessed as much, considering,” she snapped at him. “Who is it?”

He sighed. “A woman I met at the stadium, just after the explosion.”

“A little fast, don’t you think?” Felicia sneered. He couldn’t blame her for her anger.

“Look, I’m really sorry. Its not like I…” He paused. He had to make it look like it was a real marriage. True love and everything. “I can’t explain it.”

“I can.” She bit out. “You were stressed and in shock and did something stupid. Just have it annulled.”

“No.” Colton said. “I won’t.”

“You can’t possibly love her.”

“Says who?” Colton demanded, getting angry himself. “You weren’t there.”


“I’m sorry, Felicia, but I love Renee and that’s it.”

“And what about us?”

“I said I’m sorry!”

“So that’s it? I’m sorry and good-bye?”

“I wanted to do this different, but-”

“Thanks, Colt. Thanks for nothing.” The line died. He threw his phone across the room. It smacked into the wall a foot from Renee’s face.

“Bad time?” she asked.

“What are you doing up?”

“You have quite a pair of lungs, Mr. Savage.” She said. He swore again. He had been yelling.

“Who’s Felicia?” Renee asked, plopping down in his desk chair.

“My girlfriend.” He said shortly.

“Really?” Renee asked, sounding eager and excited instead of offended. Why would she be offended? “Oh, the drama!”

“Shut up.” He snarled at her. She only raised an eyebrow.

“So, why don’t you tell her the truth?”

“I can’t!”

“Why? You were totally lying when you said you loved me.”

Colton opened his mouth and shut it again. He wasn’t sure what he had wanted to say. “We have to make it look real.”

“And you having a mistress would put a damper on our newly wedded bliss.” Renee mused, tapping her chin. “We could be having a threesome.”

Colotn choked, spinning to glare at her. Her eyes twinkled up at him mischievously and he bit back his sharp retort.

“Go to bed.” He ordered.

“You go to bed,” she shot back. Her face softened. “Really, Colton. You should get some rest. I heard you pacing last night till two in the morning.”

He scowled. He’d forgotten their rooms shared a wall. And old houses weren’t known for their soundproofing.

Renee yawned. “I’m still on Denver time, so I’m actually feeling awake. And hungry. You hungry?”

“No.” He snapped. He wished she would go away.

“Come on.” She took his hand and pulled him to the kitchen. “I love Rosa, by the way. She’s amazing.” She rummaged through the fridge, pulling out sandwich supplies. “Whatever it was she made for dinner. Greek something, with an ‘s’?”


“Yum!” Renee praised. “Want some?” she offered half of her hastily constructed sandwich.


She made a face at him. “What, are you in training for an Iron Man or something?” She took a big bite. “Don’t you ever eat?”

He shrugged. “I’m not hungry.”

She made a disgusted noise. “Eating isn’t just about being hungry, Mr. Fancy-pants-employs-a-full-time-chef. Eating is about food.” She left the half she offered him on her plate, grabbing the other and an apple from the basket on the counter. “Night,” she said, walking out.

Colton stared at the sandwich for a long time before going up himself.