18 February, 2014

500 WC

Four tests done! That was a trying few weeks.
In other news: the Muffin started daycare today! His take home sheet listed his mood as "sad :( " But he was happy when I peeked in before announcing my return. Growing up fast!

500 WC
Word Count: 509

It was if the last few days had been erased. The small bit of camaraderie he and Renée had developed waned perceptibly. Colton was surprised that he missed it. He thought about suggesting a trip to the local town, getting some lunch. But as he stood looking out his bedroom windows, there were an unusual number of cars parked along the street. Their nonchalance was painful.
He sighed and drew the curtains.

Renée was reading a book in the living room, fairly bristling with warning to leave her be. Colton tried to read the newspaper, but the ticking of the clock grated on him. Disgusted with the New York exchanges, local media and life in general, he threw the circular down.
"Let's leave." he said, surging to his feet.

Renée gave him a scathing look. "Rosa said there are photographers up and down-"
"Yes, yes," Colt dismissed. "I mean leave the province. Leave the country! I have a flat in London ; let's go."
Renée stayed silent for a long moment, longer than he thought she would. Then she started laughing.
"What?" he demanded.
"Its just so ridiculous," she giggled.
Exasperated and with no incentive to stifle it, Colt snapped back at her. "Do you want to go or not? I'm leaving. And giving Rosa leave!" he added.
"Well, in that case," Renée giggled, abruptly all smiles. "Mom and Dad?"
"Everyone can come," he said. "Go get packed."
Her packing speed was proportional to the size of her wardrobe. She was back downstairs before he was done with the ticket arrangements.
"Mom and Dad are ready whenever you want." she informed him briskly. "question is, how are we going to get down the street without being mobbed?"

Colton was already dialing.
"Sergeant Moreno."
"Its Colton White."
"Ah.  How may I help you?" the man's tone was not the least inviting, but Colton plowed on.
"We're leaving the country. Flying to England. But there's an army of photographers down the street."
"I'm sorry, Mr. White, but there is-"
"I'm worried one of them might be a terrorist."

Renée's eyebrows went up and Colton waved her worry away. It was the best tactic he could think of to bully the police into escorting them to the airport. They had inconvenienced him enough; it was time to repay the debt.
Moreno spoke slowly. "Do you have any evidence of this?"
"Well, no," Colton admitted. "But if I were them and looking to harm my wife, I would hide in the press, maybe try to get to the door. Attack from a crowd." His stomach went queasy just thinking about it: the damage that could be done, how effective a bomb or gunman could be in a narrow street like his.
Moreno let out a breath. "I see your point. However..." Colton waited with crossed fingers. "Perhaps I could spare a few cars. Clear the street for you."
"I'd really appreciate it, sergeant."
"But only as far as the next arterial."
"That would be great. We're ready whenever you are."
"Alright. Good bye."