20 January, 2014

How to write with kids in the house

Ha...haha...hahahahahahahaha...phew...wipes tear...

That's a good one.  I was thinking I might have some great wisdom to share now that I have a wee one toddling around, but... basically no. At least my advice is: if you have a significant other, inform (beg) them that you need some alone time and schedule it. That's the only way I get anything done these days.

The actual clock time is not so important as the 'baby time.'  something like: after his bath, you will watch the Muffin watch Sesame Street while I (fill in the blank.). also multitask. As I write this , I am riding the recumbent bike. No other time to exercise!

Of greater concern is my braindeadedness for crafting fiction after a day chasing the Muffin. My thoughts go like this: it was a dark and stormy night. She was all alone in the house. So she took a hot shower with no baby beating at the bathroom door and then went to bed at 8 pm. It was glorious. The end.

Compelling, no?

So now I don't worry about actually making progress on one thing. I just write what sounds good and when that peeters out, I'm done. No stress. I have enough already.

Good luck!