09 May, 2012

Just dropping in! Plus 500WC Challenge

Sorry to be absent for so long.  Been busy being pregnant, sick, and swamped with some work stuff.  Here's another chapter for Renee and Colton.

500 WC Challenge
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Word Count: 551

Dr. Ferr felt Colton’s head carefully.
“No cracks or swelling.” He said slowly. “Perhaps you should try a chiropractor? Or massage. And sometimes symptoms can take time to develop after trauma. Are you under a lot of stress.”

Colton wanted to laugh, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop. “A little, I guess.”

Dr. Ferr nodded gravely. “You need to sleep. Take a vacation. Stay home.”

Colton scowled. Home was where Renee was with her loud, overly grateful parents.

“How is Mrs. Savage?” Ferr asked as he gathered his things off of Colton’s desk. Alice came and slipped a check into his hand with smile.

“She’s fine.” Colton said absently, doing up his shirt buttons.

“No headaches? Trouble sleeping?”

Colton shook his head. “Just me.”

“Perhaps because she was already on the ground,” Ferr mused. “The blast might not have affected her as badly.”

Colton shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Good day, Mr. Savage.”

Colton grunted at him, in a worse mood now that he knew there was nothing wrong with him. He had Alice schedule an appointment with a chiropractor and got back to work.

Renee was watching football in the living room when he got home.

“Where are your parents?” he asked.

“At the hotel, sleeping.” She said over her shoulder “They’re exhausted.”

Colton went to the kitchen. There were cookies covering everything again. He sighed, rubbing his face. Of course she would be upset. He had upset her, bringing up her ex-boyfriend. He paused before he went down to his office. Her phone was sitting on the counter.

He looked down the short hall. The crowd noise from the television rose; she wasn’t going to come in here for a few minutes.

He activated the screen and looked under her recent calls. He swore under his breath. Stephen’s number was listed three times today. No wonder there were sugar cookies everywhere.

“Oh, come on!” Renee yelled in the living room. “Dive!”

Colton put her phone down, his bag heavy with paper work and documents he had to go over. Just the thought made his head ache flare up.

He dropped his bag on the floor and went to the fridge. He grabbed a handful of beers and the bottle opener and went back to the living room.

Renee shot him a startled glance as he cracked one, setting the others within easy reach.

“Who's playing?” he asked after a long drink.

“Man-u and Chelsea. Chelsea’s getting creamed.”

He offered her one of the brown bottles.

“No, thanks.” She said, smiling. “What’s up? Don’t you have work to do?”

He shrugged. “Doctor said to take some time off.”

“Ah, yes, our honeymoon.” She said, snorting. “Sorry to ruin it by being an international terrorist.”

He had to grin. “No problem.”

It was a good game. Colton didn’t usually watch, but it was fun to listen to Renee complain at every call, scathing of the referee’s opinions about where exactly off-sides should be called.

Renee flitted out, coming back with a plate full of cookies at the half-time break. He waved it away when she offered it to him.

“Oh, like beer is healthier than cookies.” She scoffed.

He just grinned. He put his feet up on an ottoman, kicked off his shoes and settled back.