02 April, 2012

500WC Challenge Chapter Twenty-One

500 Word Count Challenge
Word Count: 535

Gak! My spelling/grammer is atrocious.  Please ignore as best you can; I'm trying not to edit too much, 'cause then I write more, which defeats the whole purpose.  Enjoy! E. T.

Trebell fairly oozed charm during the entire meal. Renee was seated next to him and she spent most of the meal laughing at his witty remarks.

Colton tried not to be upset by it. Why should he care, in any case?

Alice leaned over to him. “She’s your wife, right?”

Colton glared at his employee. Alice only raised an eyebrow. He turned away with grimace. She didn’t know the truth. Trebell didn’t know the truth and Colton wasn’t about to tell him.


Colton dragged his thought back to the table. “Yes, dear?” he asked.

Renee’s cheeks pinked suddenly, her eyes wide. She gave herself a shake. “Mr. Trebell has a great idea.”

“Oh?” Colton’s scorn was audible even to himself. He swallowed and tried again. “What is it?”

“We should have a party so I can meet all of your friends.”

Colton glared at his grinning dinner guest. “Is that so?”

“Since we have no idea when I’m going to be allowed to leave,” Renee continued. “I think it would be fun.”

“You can’t be bored, dear.” Colton said.

Alice choked on her drink, her eyes wide. Renee’s blush deepened, but she just tossed her head. “Of course not.” She said with a grin. “But, I would like to get to know your friends and family.”

“Come on, Savage!” Trebell said. “We’ll have a band, some dancing. Lots of food and wine.” He winked lewdly.

Colton rolled his eyes. “We’ll have to see. I’m going to be busy.”

“Yes,” Alice spoke up. “You have the trip to London in a few weeks. And you need to go to Barcelona next weekend.”

Colton made a face. “I forgot about that one.”

“And tomorrow you have a dinner meeting with the board. They still don’t quite believe you’re alive. And on Thursday-”

Colton groaned. “Stop, stop, stop!” Alice smiled sweetly.

“Just doing my job, sir.”

“Ha ha.” He snapped at her.

Colton was grateful when Rosa brought in a still steaming pie. Just because Colton

He took a slice out of politeness. He saw Renee’s amused smirk as she took a bite.

“Rosa is such a good cook.” She praised. “I don’t know how I survived without her.”

Colton glared at her, setting his fork down. Her eyes were twinkling.

“What do you think, Colton dear?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes. He forced a smile.

“I’m full, I’m afraid.”

“All the more for us,” Ivan said, chuckling as he took a second piece.

Renee’s smile irritated Colton to no end. He didn’t want any of the pie; why was she being difficult? Why did she keep flicking him little glances as Trebell smiled on her?

Thankfully it was over soon after. Renee yawned, hiding it behind her hand.

“Excuse me,” she said, smiling. She was always smiling. “I am still not adjusted to your time zone.”

“No matter,” Trebell said easily. “You need your rest.”

“Thank you.” Renee said, letting him kiss her hand again.

Colton showed him to the door.

“Congratulations,” the man told him with a grin.

Colton grunted. “Bye, Dmitri.”