10 February, 2012

BOY!!!! And other stuff...

Husband and I are having a boy!  The Muffin is scheduled to be here mid-June, so expect me to be out of action right around then. (Like I've been super posty recently...eye roll).

And there is no doubt about Muffin being...ahem... male.  He was wiggling like crazy all during the ultrasound exam.  (He's wiggling around right now, btw.  He never seems to stop.  Joy).  Right at the end, he flipped around and we got a beautiful picture of his butt cheeks and his...you know.  Definitely a boy.  I'll save it to embarrass him with one day.


In other news, I'm still in a writing dearth.  But I do have a very silly, fluffy story that I started a while ago.  I set myself a couple of challenges on it.

First, each section was only to be 500 words.  I know, right?  How could I, Madame Verbose-a-lot, keep each scene to 500 words?  It was hard, but I did okay, though some 'scenes' cheat a bit.

Second, I wanted it to be in the 'summer read slightly incredible romance' category.  Nothing too serious or realistic.

It's very silly.  It doesn't have a name, so I'll just tag it 500-word or something.  I'll put up the first 'chapter' tomorrow.

Enjoy you're weekend!