22 February, 2012

500 WC Chapter Six

Here's another bit of my self-imposed 500 word challenge.  Please ignore the fact that it hasn't been edited very much and rushes through the plot in giant galumphing leaps.  And I still don't know anything about Spain and the Spanish Police, etc.  The problem with writing is you have to do A LOT of research.  Unless you want to hear me wax poetical about Brahms' continuous variation devices and why Debussy disliked the term 'impressionist.'  'Cause that's what I know about already: international business?  Not so much.

Enjoy! I had forgotten how silly this was, so think of it as a beach read, just without a warm sunny beach.  Unless of course you live somewhere with a constantly warm sunny beach.  Then keep your mouth shut, gloaty Mcgloaterton.

500 WC Chapter Six
Words: 571

Colton lay awake, staring at the ceiling above his bed, at the rich molding and plasterwork. His house was old, decorated in a classic style. He hadn’t cared when he moved in, his agent buying the property for him and readying it while Colton was still in Singapore.
He liked it here. The house was comfortable, close to the city. It was warm most of the year. He’d never liked winter sports. And he didn’t really miss America, having spent so little of his life there. He had been born in Spain, his mother Spanish.

He smiled sadly. He missed them. He was glad he had been here when they died. His mother from cancer, his father, much older, from grief. There was no other explanation for it. He had just stopped living after his wife died, fading away.

Colton turned over, wiggling unto he was comfortable.

Her lips were soft.

He jerked awake, blushing again. He scowled and punched his pillow down.

He was being stupid. She was pretty, yes. Brave, daring. And a complete stranger. No doubt a conceited princess using her dad’s money to have a good time in Europe while her parents took a break from their boringly opulent lives.

The hypocrisy of his thoughts didn’t make him feel any better about it.

The next morning the storm descended.

Colton was pouring himself a cup of coffee when someone started pounding on the front door. Mancini answered.

A man stomped in, glaring furiously.

“Mr. Colton Savage?” he demanded.

“Yes.” Colton said easily. “Who’s asking?”

“I am Detective Ralph Moreno.” The man fixed him with a hard stare. “Do you know the whereabouts of one Miss Renee White?”

“Yes,” Colton said, enjoying being difficult a little too much. “She’s still asleep upstairs.”

That flummoxed him for a moment. “Excuse me?”

Colton saw Mancini slip away, wondering what he was up to.

“Renee is upstairs. She’s exhausted. Could you come back later? You understand why I don’t want you to bother my wife, detective.”

“Wife?” Moreno’s mouth dropped open. “What is this?”

“We got married.” Colton said simply, sipping from his mug.


“Two days ago. At the hospital.”

“What?” Moreno shook his head, dismissing that impossibility. “Mr. Savage, I must speak with Renee White immediately.”

Colton sighed. “If you must.”

He led the man out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He hesitated by the guest room, Mancini’s look drawing him down the hallway.

“Mrs. Savage is asleep,” the man chided at Colton’s bedroom door, but he let them in, Moreno nearly stepping on Colton’s heels to get inside.

Colton stopped dead.

“Colton?” Renee asked, drawling sleepily. She lifted her head from his pillow, her hair a tangled mess. She propped herself up on her elbows. “Colton, what-” She saw Moreno and gasped, jerking the blankets to her chin, blushing. “What is this?” She demanded.

Moreno had the grace to look at the ground. “Miss White, I must speak with you immediately.”

“About what?” she snapped, making sure every inch of her was covered with the sheets. She scowled at them and Colton cleared his throat.

“He just has some questions to ask you. Honey.” He added, hoping Moreno didn’t notice the pause.

She pouted and Colton sucked in a breath. “Give me a minute.” She said, her cheeks flaming still.

Mancini herded Moreno out the door, shutting it with a wink that filled Colton with dread.