01 June, 2011

Too tired for even a pithy title...

So, today was unproductive.  By unproductive, I mean I got nothing accomplished at all.  And by nothing, I mean I sat on my butt and watched cartoons all day.  And by all day, I mean ALL DAY.  My eyes hurt.  But this is not entirely the cartoons' fault.

It began about noon today.  I was sitting at the table eating my lunch (watching cartoons.  CURSE YOU NETFLIX!) when I got the weird feeling in my throat/sinus.  You know what it is.  The 'haha! I'm a sore throat coming and there's nothing you can do about it!" feeling.

I tried to willpower it away.  Sometimes, if I concentrate very hard, I can scare and/or intimidate a cold so bad, it just never happens.  This has come in handy for important days like my wedding, my final exams, BIG IMPORTANT interviews and such.  (I'm all about capslock today.  Usually it's italics.  Huh.)

So I sat, watching my cartoons, and tried to deny the inevitable.  It crept upon me, steeling over my senses, leaving me in a dull stupor that only lying on the sofa and watching yet more cartoons could ease.  That and a couple of Tylenol and bowl of scorching hot soup.  With buttery English muffins.  Yum.

Now, I feel like I've a spike driving between my eyes and I am hyper-aware of my sinus cavity.  Funny how you never really think about the empty space in your head.  Unless of course, your head is empty all the way through, then you probably think about nothing, ever.  But mine is inflamed and irritated and the Tylenol, while helping, has not banished the problem.  And my skin hurts.  Like I almost have a fever, but not quite so I just ache and feel like poo.  That's right, I said poo.

I made a few feeble efforts to make my day more productive.  Naturally, after my pre-sore throat feeling kicked in, I was ashamed of my morning of slacking.  If I had known I was going to be sick for the next few days, I would have been more proactive.  I would have done some laundry.  Did the dishes.  Made dinner and put it in the refrigerator.

Bummer is, I still had to do the laundry and the dishes.  My Darling Husband made dinner, but I did spend a half an hour at the sink washing silverware.  Our dishwasher is silverware-challenged.

Once those pathetically annoying chores were finished, I thought 'hey, I'll write some to take my mind off how crappy I feel.'

Long story short: waste of time.  I stared at my blank computer screen for a while and decided I needed more cartoon stimulus.  It didn't help.  BTW, my DH just made hissy noises at me while holding his fingers in a cross before him to protect himself against my germs.  I'll have you know that he was sick with this last week and totally gave it to me, not the other way round.  If I find garlic in the bed, I'm going to be severely displeased.

Anyway, back to writing.  The little bit I did manage to get out was supremely whiny and not at all in keeping with my characters.  So I erased it and gave up.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure I'll still be sick then, but I can hope and strive and bend my will against these germ things.  They won't know what's hit them.

And a different note, do you think I've mentioned Tylenol enough in this post to warrant an endorsement?