30 March, 2014

Book review and sundries

Well, my B-cells and T-cells (i.e. immune system) put up a good fight, but were in the end overwhelmed by the Muffin's germiness. Sick. :(

Compounding the general funk of my brain right now is my complete inability to write anything on Colton' and Renee's story. I'm really sorry. But I just can't.  I could give you 500 words, but they would be stupid words about them arriving in Heathrow and collecting their baggage and getting a Jamba Juice before leaving the airport. In a word: lame.

Instead, I will give you a book review! I am a member of a bookclub; we read a book every month and talk about it a bit, eat some snacks and then gossip while our babies are being watch by someone else. Its lovely.

Last month's was Divergent by Veronica Roth. The gal selected it because her daughter was reading them (a wise mom) and because the movie was coming out.

I did not like it. Reasons:

1. I am incredibly glad I am not a teenager anymore and I struggle reading about 16 year olds and their problems. A caveat to this: Ms. Roth did a fantastic job 'sounding' and thinking like a 16 year old. Her voice was spot on.

2. I won't give spoilers, but I read the synopsis of the second two books on wikipedia. Seriously? Seriously! That's what's behind the factions? Yikes.

3. There is no way I would go along with such a stupid idea for a structured society. Which I guess shows I would either be killed in the Dystopian War fighting for my freedoms or be...divergent. Which I guess is the big selling point of the book. If you feel like an out of place teenager (like Tris) then you would also be divergent! Again, kudos to Ms. Roth for nailing her audience.

4. Four. Sure, I like a tall strong handsome man (Husband fills that role nicely), but I thought it was a little lame that she fell for her 'instructor.' And they went through all the cliche first relationship misunderstandings.

5. The science! So bad, so bad.

So, if anyone wants a free copy of the paperback, not even creased in the binding, I will send it to you. My usual book trading partner is not interested at all.

This next month: The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. I do like it so far. we'll see how it ends.
And just because:

Busily coloring a masterpiece! Notice the locks on all the cupboards: he is a one baby hurricane.