31 January, 2012

Here's the deal...

Okay, here's the deal.  I am sick to death of Becca's Story.  I've been writer's blocked for a few months now.  Most of that was because I did nothing but sleep and eat toast - Yay for two months of morning sickness.  And it was during the holidays, too.  How lame is that?

Also because I'm just kind of stuck on what to do next.  I think it needs to sit and percolate a bit before I try to revamp it.  The plot has shifted around so much, I'm not sure where I want it to go.

Which leads me to my writerly thoughts for today.

As we have already established, I cannot preplan or I bog down.  Given, a little planning is always necessary.  For me it is usually "I think I'll write a book about lizards with super powers."  Then I just go from there.

The characters do whatever they wish to.  It's very frustrating when I want them to do something specific and they refuse to cooperate.  Husband snickers at me sometimes when I complain about it, but it's true.  There are moments when my characters just will not obey.

I suppose this is good, since my subconscious or whatever has a definite sense of who my characters are and what they are likely to do in a given situation.  At least, I prefer to think that is the reason and not that I have some rare form of split-personality disorder.  Or that my computer is sentient and resisting my attempts to direct it's thoughts.

Moral of this story: Becca's story is done for a while.  I apologize if anyone is supremely upset about this.  What needs to happen next is going to take lots of brainstorming.  I think she and Kevin are going to have to go 'rogue' ie, delve into the magic society.  Problem is, I never thought that they would so that and so I have no idea what this 'society' should be like.

How is it organized?  Who is in charge?  Is there anyone in charge?  How much is the normal government involved?  What kind of relationships do these people have?  You see my problem.  And I haven't even decided it Becca is going to die at the end or not.

I'll try to have everything I have written so far up on Scribd.com soon.  And as always, if you want a downloadable version of anything I've written, just email me or leave me a message and I will send one out to you, virus/spam free I promise promise.

Next up: my horror short story that did not win. (Did I mention I won an honorable mention?  Yeah, totally still gloating about that.)  And also, does anybody know anything about post-WWI-pre-WWII Brazilian archaeological research?  Amazon has let me down.  :)