02 December, 2011

The things dreams are made of

So, part of my being preggars is that I am freaking exhausted all the time.  If I sit down on anything moderately comfortable, I start to fall asleep.  This poses problems for activities like driving.  Good thing its winter and I can blast cold air in my face.

Anyway, one side effect of this ridiculous amount of sleep I am getting (somewhat involuntarily) is I have been dreaming A LOT more.  And not just vague picking out socks at the store dreams.  I am having full on rollicking adventure dreams, which are not conducive to a restful repose.

I am trying to sleep less all the time and more at night, but even then my sweet slumbers are invaded by aliens and robots, a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond, and I am always in a hurry, running from something, chasing something, etc.

I just woke up from one of these episodes about a monster/demon in a trash can chasing me through a high rise apartment building.  I jumped and somehow faked my own death, but was rescued by my husband, who apparently wasn't my husband yet, because then we got married.

Seriously, how can I get good rest for the Muffin with that going on in my head all the time?