07 July, 2011


Yesterday, I was bumtoodling around the inter-web, looking at census data for California during the 1870s.  (Long story.  Literally and figuratively.)  Now, I'm sure this is something I knew at one point, but then forgot.  However, if you've never heard of it, be sure you are not drinking and/or eating anything, as you might snort it up your nose.

May I present, James I, Emperor of the United States?

And, as all men should who would declare themselves emperor of someone elses' country, he looks like a scowly pirate.  Awesome.

Apparently, this Englishman decided he should be the emperor of America and thus began issuing decrees and proclamations to the good people of San Fransisco.  He dissolved the political parties, printed his own currency.  Good stuff.  I think I might be a fan.